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Quatra 1000 (Contact For Pricing)

Quatra 1000 (Contact For Pricing)

Cel-Fi QUATRA is a single-carrier Active DAS Hybrid that solves poor quality and weak signal issues in your middle-prise or enterprise building space. It's an affordable, all-digital solution providing uniform, high-quality cellular signal throughout the building, and is scalable to whatever size is needed! Cel-FI QUATRA is carrier-approved and guaranteed network safe.

Unlike older analog boosters and passive DAS technology, Cel-Fi QUATRA delivers a cellular signal that is up to 1000x stronger than typical boosters, utilizing Catagory cabling for RF and Power-over-Ethernet technologies, with no signal attenuation right to the perimeter of the building. Cel-Fi QUATRA can be installed in just days (compared to months typical of other solutions), and at a price point that meets the middle-prise budget.


For a quote, please contact us at 830-249-8999 or by visiting our Contact Us page.


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