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Parking Garages & Weak Signal


The Problem

Have you ever been in the middle of an important conversation and suddenly your call drops? Then imagine trying to call back to reconnect, but realize that you have little to no signal. How annoyed would you be? This has become a common theme with modern multi-story commercial construction. Along with these big and beautiful buildings, there are usually multi-level parking garages attached or adjacent. Both present challenges when it comes to Cellular Signals.


The Cause

These parking garages are well known for having weak Cellular Signal. The most obvious cause of connectivity issues is due to concrete construction. These heavily reinforced concrete pillars and floors are great at blocking Cellular Frequencies. In some cases, a parking garage can be located close enough to a Cell Tower that Cellular Signals will still get through different small openings in the structure. This all depends on the Cellular Network Environment and the presence of the carrier desired to be used. If your parking garage is below ground or doesn’t have any large openings, chances are that you have little to no signal.


The Survey

This is where CellTeks comes in. When a customer calls our offices, we schedule a time and day to evaluate the site. From this site evaluation, we are able to determine what is the cause of the problem and then what it would take to solve the issue. During our Site Evaluation, we will take signal readings using advanced Radio Frequency and Spectrum analysis tools. This is how we are able to understand the Cellular Environment in the area. We will also consider your Building infrastructure along with cable pathways and possible antenna placements. From there we give our clients our professional recommendations.


The Solution

There are many options and different levels of solutions that our clients can choose from. They range from small Comercial to large Industrial Systems. There are several configurations and equipment choices that need to be considered. Details like large coverage areas, High traffic areas, or ‘important bosses’ office can dramatically change how a system is designed. Wiring and conduit can become another hurdle depending on the application and aesthetics.


The Experience

CellTeks goes in with the expertise and the backing of Manufacturers to deploy robust solutions that we put our performance guarantee on. We have completed parking garage solutions for several different industries. From Hospitality, Healthcare, to Corporations, most parking garages need some form of signal boosting. Even in Metropolitan Hubs, there can be a great need for Cellular Connectivity. The density of the Metro Hubs along with robust concrete construction has made it become a common problem. At CellTeks we have for years provided our clients with strong cell phone signal throughout their buildings and parking garages. Our expert technicians have just about seen it all.


Our Clients are #1 Priority

At CellTeks we believe in providing our clients with a bit of education on Cellular Enhancement Solutions. The better our customer is informed, the better they are able to assess their overall need for coverage and equipment. We are upfront with the products we use and like to give our clients the option to choose between different manufacturers. CellTeks is agnostic when it comes to which manufacturer we use, there is not a one size fits all and each client has different needs. CellTeks is trained and licensed to install pretty much every product that is on the market.  Each product has its respective features and prices. The decision will ultimately be up to the client depending on what exactly they need and want out of their system. When giving our recommendation we will provide all of the pros and cons that come with the different types of systems so that our client can make the best decision when purchasing a Cellular System.  If CellTeks is chosen to install your Cellular Enhancement Solution you will be provided with exceptional customer service and a system that is reliable and brings peace of mind.


Our Mission

At CellTeks our mission is to keep you connected. Feel free to contact us at your convenience to receive more info about these Cellular Enhancement Systems.

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