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Kendall County Youth Agriculture & Equestrian Center



KCYAEC is an acronym for Kendall County Youth Agriculture and Equestrian Center. KCYAEC was established on February 18th, 2016. Their mission is to provide sustainable livestock and equestrian facility for Kendall County 4-H, FFA, and Jr. Livestock youth, fund scholarships, and make available a multi-purpose venue for the Texas Hill Country community and beyond.

Located between Boerne and Comfort, the Center is the largest outdoor weatherproof venue in Kendall County with more than 72,000 sq. feet.



At KCYAEC there are many events that are held throughout the year. From Auctions to Shows, they can have hundreds of guests. Not having Cellular Signal for their guest can become a big problem and a big liability. Safety should be a major concern if guests are not able to call for emergency services. Another issue, not as serious can include simple things like calling to give directions or posting on social media. When there is no Cell Signal it can be a big inconvenience.


Charitable Works

The Kendall County Youth Agg & Equestrian Center does amazing work. They are home to more than 400 4-H, FFA, and Jr. Livestock members. They are also responsible for $20,000 in scholarships in 2018 & 2019.

  • $20,000 in Scholarships in 2018 & 2019

  • Kendall Co. Jr. Livestock Show & Sale

  • Boerne & Comfort FFA Chapter Shows

  • 4-H Horse Club Activities

  • 4-H Meetings

  • Horse and Wool/Mohair Judging

  • Annual, county-wide farm day for school children

  • Positive youth development programs



The location of KCYAEC is right off of Interstate highway-10 just before reaching Comfort, TX. You would think that at this location cell signal would be great. Outside, cell signal is good and there are no issues connecting. The issues arise when you step into the building. Metal Building Construction is notorious for causing cellular connectivity issues. This is the main reason for causing cell signal interference. Others can include proximity to tower given their location right off of a major interstate. This paired with their very broad needs made this an even bigger challenge. After our Site Survey, we decided to recommend a Commercial Grade Wide-Band Cellular Signal Booster. We ended up recommending a Commercial Wilson Pro 1000 Series Amplifier. These amplifiers are capable of supporting hundreds of guests as well as providing strong Cellular signals for all the Major Carriers present in the area. Given their need for a Multi-Carrier solution, this would be the best cost-effective solution. We also took into consideration the fact that this event center would house hundreds sometimes even more than a thousand guests at one time. Going with a smaller solution would not allow them to have the strength to provide a quality signal to all their guests.



Our team designed a system and had it deployed in a total of 3 days. The amplifier choosen for this project was the Wilson Pro1000 series. They were in need of a robust multi-carrier solution to provide coverage to all their guest during events. The Wilson Pro 1000 was a perfect fit. Next time you visit KCYAEC be sure to take out your phone, you should have a great cellular signal.

We are so grateful to have met the great people at KCYEAC. They are a fantastic Non-Profit Organization that does amazing work and are a great part of our community. If  you would like to know more or give your support to KCYEAC please feel free to visit them on the web at

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